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[gakudan // musical world] Gakudan, depending on the kanji used, could stand for the Nihonggo (Japanese) term referring to either a "musical world" or an "orchestra, band."

Anime music had always held a certain amount of mystique that sets it apart from other genre. Compelling melodies and equally wondrous lyrics are extensively used to convey the range and depth of storytelling and emotion in the colorful, boundless animated world.

It has long since been my intent to share with people my love for this "musical world," and thus this site is named. Through a taste of the music featured in Gakudan, I am humbly encouraging everyone to go forth and discover the fascinating beauty of anime as a whole.

This webpage contains midi sequence files of songs from various anime series. I decided to put this site up as a place where I can present midis without the hassle of coming up with full series-dedicated webpages. Gakudan was re-launched on 17 May 2021.

[gakudan // seishi wine] Gakudan is link-free. The button to the right may be used to link to this site. Kindly direct your links to https://midis.pikachu.nu at all times to avoid getting the 404 error from a missing file. Do not link to files or pages individually as their URLs change with every layout.