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§ Fushigi Yuugi // 13 §

Click on the song title to download the midi of your choice. The files are available in compressed .zip format.

~ Aoi Jyuu Shiroi Nozomi
Blue Freedom, White Wish
Chichiri and Tasuki duet

~ Everything For You
First OAV song

~ Itooshi Hito no Tame Ni [1]
~ Itooshi Hito no Tame Ni [2]
For the Sake of My Beloved
Television series opening theme

~ Perfect World
Nuriko image song

~ Sadame no Hoshi [1]
~ Sadame no Hoshi [2]
Star of Destiny
Hotohori image song

~ Star
Second OAV opening theme

~ Tokimeki no Doukasen
Blazing Heartbeat
Television series ending theme

~ Voice
Tamahome image song

~ Wish
Yui image song

~ Yo Ga Akeru Mae Ni
Before the Day Breaks
First OAV opening theme

~ Yume Kamo Shirenai
It Might Be a Dream
Second OAV ending theme