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Welcome to Gakudan, Shi's archive of midi sequence files from various anime series. The site name is Japanese/Nihonggo for "musical world."

This page is part of The Honor & Blood Network. It has been online since 17 May 2021. Navigation is through the five textured boxes found above.

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Archive {Midis from 17 different anime}
º 17 May 2021 // Gakudan is opened!

[link this site?] V.1.Seishi Wine
The current layout features Tasuki and Tamahome, Suzaku Shichi Seishi [star warriors] from the popular anime/manga saga Fushigi Yuugi. This series is by mangaka Yuu Watase, who also created Ayashi no Ceres and Imadoki, among others. The image of the seishi duo was edited for this spread using Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready. Layout title was derived from the purple and wine hues that were attractively dominant in the raw base image and the colors that I used to piece the entire spread together. The quote is from the song Androgyny, by the band Garbage from their album Beautiful Garbage; the stanza goes this way, courtesy of Real Lyrics:

No sweeter a taste that you could find
Than fruit hanging ripe upon the vine
There's never been an oyster so divine
A river deep that never runs dry